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Certificate Programs for Medical Transcriptionist
(for Non-medical, Allied Health, and Medical Backgrounds)

Course Description

     These programs are designed to develop competent entry-level medical transcriptionists. MTC’s professional entry-level standards upon graduation are 1) passing of knowledge assessments which include MT English, English proficiency, and medical knowledge based on body systems specialties; and 2) benchmarking of transcription, editing, and proofreading skills with at least 350 LPD (lines per day) at 95+% accuracy.

     All certificate program students must undergo 16 modules divided into introduction, specialties, and review subjects. Subjects covered are MT English (including editing and proofreading), English proficiency, Medical Terminologies, Anatomy & Physiology, Human Diseases, Laboratory Diagnostics, Pharmacology, Surgical Procedures, Healthcare Records, Medicolegal/ Professional Issues, and MT Laboratory (Introduction to Computers, typing, keyboarding, ergonomics and occupational health, etc.). More training time is spent in the laboratory than in lecture. If a student progresses at a faster than expected rate, more exposure to different English and foreign accents, as well as more practice time for editing and proofreading will be provided.

MTC has 4 MT programs:

    1. Basic Medical Transcription for High School Graduates
    2. Medical Transcription for Non-medical Course Graduates
    3. Medical Transcription for Allied Health Course Graduates
    4. Medical Transcription for Doctors .

Level of
Basic Medical Transcription
High School Graduates
18 months, with OJT
  4 years of High School
  High school-level English competency
Certificate Program for Medical Transcriptionist
For Non-Medical Course Graduates
6 months, plus OJT
  At least 1 year of a Bachelor’s Degree
  College-level English & Computer     competencies
Certificate Program for Medical Transcriptionist
For Allied Health Course Graduates
4 months, plus OJT
  Allied: 1 year of medical subjects. Non-meds  ( Beaccelerated to be accelerated).
Certificate Program for Medical Transcriptionist
For Medical Course Graduates
Doctors: 3 months, plus OJT
Title of Doctor. Allied Healths may be accelerated.

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