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Medical Transcription
   In the United States, the medical transcription industry is so large that it has blossomed into a 13 to 23 billion dollar industry growing at an average rate of 10 -13% per annum. Depending on the average production capacity of each medical transcriptionist, this billion dollar industry generates anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000 additional jobs per year!

MTC Academy - Paving the Way for You!

    MTC Academy (MTCA) is the Philippine’s FIRST AND LARGEST TESDA registered medical transcription school. MTCA’s medical transcription training system combines the best in US training programs mixed with local medical transcription service company requirements to complement the strengths and weaknesses of the Filipino. The end result of the program is a medical transcriptionist who meets and exceeds local and foreign industry standards.

Why MTC Academy

MTCA employs only the most qualified medical transcription practitioners and instructors with extensive years of experience within the medical transcription profession as trainers and service providers. The Academy also provides each student with the latest medical transcription training software and reference materials that are currently being used as industry standards within United States. MTCA houses all of its students in comfortable brand new fully air-conditioned rooms with one-to-one student assigned computers. Furthermore, MTCA only provides authentic and fully HIPAA compliant multi-accent real-life doctor dictations done by US Based physicians. To top it all, MTCA ends its program with an outstanding On-The-Job training coupled with a widespread job assistance program for placement assistance to both local and foreign Medical Transcription Service Organizations. All of this at highly affordable program rates with an easy monthly payment plan to match.


   Courses at MTC Academy

    MTC Academy’s programs include: Basic Medical Transcription for High School Graduates, Intermediate Medical Transcription for Medical Course Graduates and Intermediate Medical Transcription for Non-Medical Course graduates.



    Aside from being the country’s first and largest medical transcription training network, MTC Academy along with its sister companies has pioneered in 14 product and service lines currently being used throughout the Philippines and United States.

Here are just some of the most recent contributions we have made to the Philippine MT industry!

• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription TESDA registered training program - MTC Academy Medical Transcription Courses
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription Training Manual - Mastering Medical Transcription
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription online training and mentoring program - MT University Mentoring Package
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription unified medical search engine search engine - Active Search
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription Production–Education Partnership Program - MTC Learning Systems - Franchise
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription Profiling and Placement Online Site - MTCAcademy.com MTSO Hiring Page
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription online medical drug word search - www.mtword.com
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription online medical abbreviation search - www.mtword.com
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription online medical dictionary search - www.mtword.com
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription online community - www.mtcommunity.com
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription Seminar - Understanding the Outsourcing Business
• The country’s 1st Medical Transcription Production Franchise Service - Innovaquest MT In a Box

    With all of these achievements, it is clear that MTC Academy is the preferred choice in Medical Transcription Training! To register into our training system, email us at admin@mtcacademy.com.

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